We have selected 6 new wine proposals for our WINE CARTE: they are farms and producers throughout Italy, people who - like us, love their job, with different stories that we would like to tell you.

If you are curious as we are, here are some hints.
We hope to see you at our tables, to taste them all.

* * *

Prosecco Sur Lie Doc
Cantina Casa Coste Piane Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene (TV) - grape: Glera
glass € 6 / bottle € 30
This winery is in a historically lively area, in Santo Stefano di Valdobbiadene. The wine is straw yellow in colour, with an intense bouquet with floral scents and notes of white fruit. It is fresh and mineral to the palate

Derthona Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Doc
Azienda agricola Fiordaliso Volpeglino (AL) - grape: Timorasso
glass € 5 / bottle € 28
This wine is made from an autochthonous vine of south Piedmont, which risked extinction due to the preference for less difficult vines from an agronomic point of view. A process of development started in the 1980s which has led to the creation of unique white wines. It is a wine with great richness, an intense straw yellow colour, with scents of flint and floral scents softened by a slight lemony note.

Spergola “Spergle” Rio Rocca
Società agricola Il Farneto Castellarano (RE) - grape: Spergola
glass € 5 / bottle € 28
A very old autochthonous vine, which has developed and spread thanks to sustainable agriculture respecting the environment. A fine wine, outstandingly savory and with a good persistence.

Vermentino Biancheforme
Azienda Agricola Terre Apuane Marina di Carrara - grapes: Vermentino, Albarola, Malvasia
glass € 5 / bottle € 26
In the heart of the Apuan Alps, this winery produces IGT Candia dei Colli Apuani wines in the autochthonous varieties. This wine is made from vines over 60 years old, through soft pressing, fermentation at controlled temperature and ageing in cement vats for about six months. Markedly acid, it is a mountain wine, «sprayed» by the saltiness of the sea.

Valtenesi Doc Chiaretto «La moglie ubriaca»
Azienda agricola La Basia Puegnano del Garda (BS) - grapes: Groppello, Barbera, Sangiovese, Marzemino
glass € 5 / bottle € 20
In 1967, Chiaretto was one of the first Italian wines to have the denomination of controlled origin recognized. It is a wine characterized by delicate fruity and floral aromas and is lively, fresh with a surprising persistence.

Il Rosso Masieri
Azienda agricola La Biancara Montebello Vicentino (VI) - grapes: Merlot, Cabernet, Sauvignon
glass € 5 / bottle € 28
This natural wine, ruby red in colour with purple reflections, is extremely easy to drink and gives a pleasant slightly bitter taste in the mouth. Its bouquet recalls violets, cherries and wild berries.

* * *


Prosecco Sur Lie Doc. A characteristic wine, it is pleasantly hazy, excellent throughout the whole meal. Pairing: An idea of a pizza.

Derthona Colli Tortonesi Timorasso Doc. A great white wine from Piedmont to go with main courses of white meat. Pairing: Guinea fowl leg coked at a low temperature and grilled.

Spergola “Spergle” Rio Rocca. An ancient and particular vine, excellent with delicate pasta and rice dishes. Pairing: Risi e Bisi 2.00.

Vermentino Biancheforme. Versatile with antipasti, like the platters of cold cuts and cheeses, and pasta and rice dishes. Pairing: Spaghetti AOP.

Valtenesi Doc Chiarettto “La moglie ubriaca”. A rosé wine excellent throughout the meal. Pairing: Rigatoni with tomato, buffalo mozzarella and basil.

Il Rosso Masieri. A balanced wine, ideal with main course of red meat. Pairing: Flank steak of Piedmontese Fassona marinated and grilled.